Branded Extension From Netcraft

Corporate Branded Netcraft Extension

Branded Netcraft Extension

Branded Netcraft Extension (Firefox and Google Chrome versions are similar)

Protect Your Customers

The Netcraft Extension is aimed at banks, brokerages, credit card companies, charities, ISPs and other organisations who want to prevent their customers and members from succumbing to phishing attacks.

It presents an excellent opportunity for companies to bond more closely with their customers, as convenient navigational shortcuts can be placed on the Extension. These are prominently visible in the browser throughout the time spent using the web.

Having a browser Extension strengthens the ties between you and your customers, and helps you fight Internet crime side by side. Fraudsters use phishing attacks to prey on the most inexperienced and least informed. The Netcraft Extension empowers the most alert and most expert to defend everyone within the Netcraft anti-phishing community.

The Netcraft Extension provides the following facilities:

If you would like to have a version of the Netcraft Extension branded for your organisation, please contact us for pricing.